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Jennifer, I would like to thank you for your knowledge, kindness, efficiency, along with your time and effort that you put in regarding my daughter's diagnosis. I am so very grateful to you and feel like we can now move on with this knowledge. I appreciate that we have a handle on things before she starts high school. Thank you again. I am so grateful to you. You are an amazing and talented person. You certainly are in the right field!   -- S, mother of an 8th grader

Neuropsychological assessment is the systematic acquisition and evaluation of data about a person's cognitive capabilities in order to understand brain-behavior relationships. 

Neuropsychological assessment involves an in-depth clinical interview, administration of a battery of standardized tests, and collection of both qualitative and quantifiable information from collateral sources.

Neuropsychological assessment is useful in ruling out a host of neurodevelopmental conditions such as learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, and autism spectrum disorder.


Hi Jennifer, My daughter and I just returned home from a visit to our family pediatrician, so I wanted to forward some compliments. Our doctor, who is very thorough, herself, was impressed with your report and said that it was very well done. We are getting set up with tutoring for her dyslexia, OT for her dysgraphia, and medication for her ADD.  It really does take a village in this case! So, again, thank you for your skill and professionalism -- and care. It has meant so much our family.  -- J, mother of 1st grader

I'd recommend Jennifer Bennett, who does testing for us. She is copied on this note - I value her work very highly!-- B, School Administrator

What is Neuropsychological Assessment?

Words from Clients

Why Do Neuropsych Testing?

  • Determining & Differentiating Diagnoses
  • Identifying Learning Style
  • Discovering Neurocognitive/Learning Strengths
  • Uncovering Neurocognitive/Learning Challenges
  • Determining Appropriate Academic Accommodations/School Planning
  • Documentation for Requests for Accommodations on Standardized Entrance Exams (e.g., SAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT)
  • Treatment Planning (i.e., tutoring, medication, ADHD coaching, OT, speech therapy, psychotherapy)
  • Early Kindergarten Entrance​

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Highly recommend checking out www.brainworksmn.com.  After feeling discriminated in the workplace, I visited Jennifer Bennett for a neuro evaluation to confirm my dyslexia. I left my former employer and shared the evaluation recommendations with my new employer. My new employer supports me and celebrates my dyslexia. Feeling Blessed.  ​--G, adult client

Wanted to let you know that we got the ACT results back this week. The extended time made a world of difference!!  Her composite score went up by 6 points between her November Plan without extended time and her June ACT ( 7 months later) with extended time. Thank you for helping my daughter get this accommodation that she obviously needed.  She is extremely excited about her scores and is spending her free time researching colleges.    -- K, father of a high school sophomore

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Following are actual messages sent to Jennifer from clients:

I just wanted to thank you once again for working with my daughter on the testing and providing the necessary documentation for her to get accommodations on the MTLE.  She will be an amazing teacher because she has so much passion for her music and students. Thanks for helping her reach her goals. It is appreciated more than you know.   -- G, mother of a college student

Hi Ms. Jennifer. Again wanted to thank you so much for your very thorough explanation and patience in explaining things to me regarding the neuro-psychological testing. Continued success with your program and services. You are an excellent communicator and wonderful human being for being willing to assist my family during this challenging time frame. I appreciate all your help and wish you all the best.   -- A, mother of a 9-year-old 

Jennifer Bennett, MS, LP

BrainWorks, P.A.

Neuropsychological assessment can be conducted for many useful reasons, including: