BrainWorks Services:  Second Opinion and Review of Records

​​​​​​Specializing in Neurocognitive & Psychoeducational Assessment

BrainWorks, P.A.

Sometimes parents or adult clients who have had testing elsewhere feel that their results were not explained well enough by the provider/school and that they still have questions about the testing that was done. Other parents or adult clients find it difficult to make sense of the report they were given by the previous provider/school and are unsure if a diagnosis was actually made. Still others don't agree with the results or are simply unhappy with the assessment. 

In those situations, BrainWorks is available to review the documentation and offer the following:

  • A verbal discussion and further explanation of the tests used, results, and recommendations.
  • Verbal answers to lingering questions about the tests used, results, and recommendations.
  • A second opinion about the results, conclusions, diagnoses, and recommendations.
  • A determination about whether the previous provider/school looked at all the necessary areas.
  • A recommendation as to whether additional testing is needed.